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Bad Archaeology

1 April 2010

Reference the Bad Archaeology web site critique of Velikovsky, James and Rohl – indeed, of any revision or deviation from the orthodox consensus. Bob Porter has confirmed the Psusennes lintel was found outside the tomb of Osorkon II (and not inside as claimed by the Bad Archaeology boys). The excavator, Brissaud, said the lintel was stratigraphically lower than the original Osorkon II tomb and the published section does not prove that the lintel was before or even at the same time as the main tomb (see David Rohl in JACF 8, Bob Porter in JACF 9 and in SIS C&C Review 1997:2 page 38). The photographic evidence Rohl presented at last year’s SIS Autumn Meeting at Redhill still stands – the tomb of Psusennes was built after that of Osorkon II. 

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