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Out of Africa – new episode

9 April 2010

At www.english.globalarabnetwork.com April 9th … a British archaeologist, Jeremy Rose, has found evidence of human settlement in Oman at 125,000 years ago. However, there is a caveat not mentioned but discernible by reading between the lines. The geography for the research was chosen as it was deemed to be enroute migration from Africa in the direction of Australia – and humans reached the latter by 60,000 years ago. Hence, as there were only a limited number of times that Arabia was wet and equitable for human settlement and subsequent passage, in the early Holocene and around 50,000 years ago, far too late for the Out of Africa theory to have wheels, it was theorised that the last inter-glacial was the optimum moment. Hence, the date and location were picked up before the actual discovery – and it actually took ten years of diligent searching to find the evidence, stone tools related to early Homo sapiens activity in Africa. This is not to say that the approach to the research was in some way wrong – it was not. The Out of Africa theory stands – it requires evidence to make it real.  

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