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Intelligent Design and Human Behaviour

19 April 2010

At www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/04/100413170731.htm … although evolutionists and creationists strongly differ over the role of intelligent design in the origin of species they do appear to agree about the role it plays in the origin of human inventiveness. In the May issue of American Scientist there is an article on this issue. The authors note that human engineering achievements such as building a suspension bridge or the space shuttle evolved through a process that owed itself to humans learning from failure rather than from foresight. Even such endeavours as high jumping, pole vaulting or being a jockey on a racehorse originated through trial and error and lessons learned. Hence, they were not invented skills – but learnt. The authors urge evolutionists such as Richard Dawkins to move beyond the arcane argument over where to draw the line between things that ‘really are designed’ and things ‘that appear to be designed’ in order to appreciate the forces that unite to bring about change both in evolution and development.

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