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Lawrence Dixon and retrocalculation of the Vernal Equinox

22 April 2010
Ancient history

Lawrence Dixon has produced a two page article on retrocalculation of the vernal equinox. SIS Workshop has published a series of articles on a revision of dating of the AD period – evidence against and evidence that is open to query. These have tended to centre around the Venerable Bede but the Church and it’s calculations of the vernal equinox in relation to Easter dates (keeping them separate from the Jewish Passover) are an intriguing facet of this research. Is the conventional position as secure as they like to think it is? Lawrence has produced a series of projected dates for the vernal equinox that is available on request to members via lcwdixon [at] ntlworld [dot] com (and I emphasise the word members of the SIS).

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