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Comet Disintegration

26 April 2010

At www.cosmictusk.com ‘Smoke linked to Gun: Napier upheld by Nesvorny and Jenniskens on the Zodiacal Cloud’ – George Howard has a pop at Richard Kerr of Science Magazine. The Zodiacal cloud, the consensus theory said, originated in colliding asteroids from the asteroid belt. Now Kerr, after reading Nesvorny and Jenniskens accepts an origin in comets – but blatantly avoids mentioning the Napier hypothesis and therefore ignores the implications. This seems to have riled George.

At www.physorg.com/print191502867.html ‘When Comets emit dust’ – the study of comets by space probes is dangerous because of the tiny particles of dust they emit into space from active regions on comet surfaces. It can damage carefully orchestrated missions. Apparently, a computer model has been developed to locate the active regions from a location on earth and this will aid ESAs space probe Rosetta which is to meet Comet Churyumar-Gerasimenko in 2014. Seen from earth the fountains of dust look like jets or spiral arms surrounding the comet. In turn, they are embedded in a sheaf of gas and dust called the coma.

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