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Early Earth

2 May 2010
Inside science

At www.dailygalaxy.com April 30th it asks, ‘Were Comets incubators of Life on Earth?’. The fact that life apeared soon after the termination of a long bombardment from space some 3.8 billion years ago suggests incoming comets and asteroids may have delivered the compounds necessary for life on earth to develop. However, the origin of life theory favoured by scientists depends on their field of speciality. Oceanographers like to think it began in a deep sea thermal vent, biochemists prefer a warm tidal pool, and astronomers looks towards comets.

On the same day Daily Galaxy also had asked, ‘Electrical Activity – is it a key indicator of extraterrestrial life?’ – some scientists think that organic molecules, the precursors of life, are more likely to be found on planets or their moons which have an atmosphere with electrical storms. Hence, the current interest in Saturn’s moon Titan – which has an eletric field measured by the Huygens probe.

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