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Primordial Magnetic Fields

3 June 2010

It seems that almost every day astronomers are revealing more data about magnetic fields in space – which in the end must involve electricity in some kind of way. Magnetic fields are mentionable commodities nowadays as they fit into the ‘plasma universe’ – but astronomers have some way to go before thinking in terms of an actual ‘electric universe’ – but within time who knows what they might home in on. At Daily Galaxy June 2nd, www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2010/06/do-primordial-magnetic-fields-roam-the-universe.html asks the question, do primordial magnetic fields roam the universe? Note, primordial – not current, as in now, virulent magnetic fields, but sniffs of them, remnants of magnetic fields that may or may not have existed. Something has been detected. It is obviously not in agreement with consensus astronomical models of the universe – therefore it is dead. No, nearly dead. It seems that NASAs Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope may have uncovered a new high energy mystery – galaxies have magnetic fields shrouding them much like the earth. It is being suggested free floating magnetic fields range the cosmos. Could the universe itself have an overall polarised field? What role does dark matter and dark energy play? Theanswer is not available as yet. Further analysis by Fermi may unravel the mystery. We can only wait – meanwhile we have Wal Thornhill as speaker at the SIS July meeting in Redhill, Surrey. Members – please attend and support the society. It is going to be a very interesting affair as he is taking questions – as many as can be ranged against him. If you are dubious about any aspect of the Electric Universe please air your views – you can post them direct to Val if necessary. I’m dubious – everybody has reservations. Ask and let him illuminate.

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