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Dark matter does not exist?

14 June 2010

At www.science.daily.com/releases/2010/06/100613212708.htm June 11th … scientists at Durham University’s Physics department used satellite data to study the remnant heat of the Big Bang – via a microwave anisotropy probe. In the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society they claim dark energy and dark matter may not exist – the mathematics was wrong. In turn, this may threaten the consensus model of the universe, the Big Bang theory. This investigation seems to explain why the exotic particles associated with dark energy and dark matter cannot be detected. See also www.galaxy.com June 15th … with the title, ‘Is the Universe stranger than we know? What if dark energy does not exist?’ which begins with the error found in the cosmic microwave telescope – and the pattern of ripples they produce. Models that produce smaller ripples do not contain dark energy or dark matter. If dark energy exists it causes the expansion of the universe to accelerate – and the post goes on to describe a number of problems solved or not so. It ends by saying the Big Bang theory can account for less than 20 per cent of the mass and density of the known observable Hubble length universe. It can’t explain gravity, discordant data on red shifts, galaxy distribution, colliding galaxies, the abundance of hydrogen and helium, the existent of elementary particles, and why the movement of distant galaxies appear to be accelerating. Critics of Big Bang say it is only the addition of ad hoc hypothetical appendages and parameters which are currently being adjusted that keeps Big Bang afloat.

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