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Ra, the red sun disc

14 June 2010

A web site that might interest SIS members, http://gks.uk.com which is run by Gary Gilligan, a contributor to the www.thunderbolts.info web site and a member of SIS and an attendee at our bi-annual meetings. It has several long pages of articles and views that some might find thought provoking. Basically, the idea of the divinity of the pharaoh, the representative of the God on earth, his physical and human representation as leader of people etc, is challenged. The web author takes the texts literally – especially when pharaoh was hunting or at war. Pharoah does not simulate heavenly events but the events themselves take place in heaven – including all the wars and conquests of pharoahs in Libya, Nubia and the Levant. In doing so he gathers some interesting observations that conventional archaeologists and Egyptologists quietly never mention – or more bluntly, ignore. For example, Ra the Sun god (http://gks.uk.com/gks6/) is usually represented as a sun disc, or a falcon headed man with a sun disc on his head – opener of the day, light, shine, and Lord of All Lands is a common epiphet and on the face of it appears to refer to the Sun. The solar disc of Ra is a distinct feature of Egyptian art over thousands of years, found on tomb and temple walls, and all kinds of monuments, painted on the inside and outside of coffins and sarcophagi, on artifacts and scrolls and statues. The Sun is a big yellow orb in the sky – but the Sun disc of Ra was always painted red. It was very often depicted with wings, plumes, snakes or horns. Even the Aten, as worshipped, it is thought, by Akhenaten, was often depicted as red (possibly out of convention). The Aten had one distinct trait that differed to that of Ra – it had rays. They protruded from its bottom half – in the direction of earth. The rays look like the kind of thing you associate with the Sun – but were they? The web site author goes on to identify the Aten with Mercury but if you want to learn why that is so, or why Ra was red, you will have to go to the website.


Elsewhere on the same web site the author starts out with Velikovsky and Worlds in Collision – a proposal that there was once planetary chaos in the solar system involving an errant proto-planet Venus. The author then describes his variation on this theme of planetary upheaval – involving Mercury ripped out of the heart of Mars, as well as the Venus and Mars disturbances as in the Velikovsky model. The moon was captured by the earth but had previously also been an errant cosmic body that had caused mayhem and disruption and the author claims ancient people described such events – including the Egyptians. This is his interpretation of the God Kings, the divine monarchy.

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