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Electric Earth Quakes

25 June 2010

The role of electricity in earthquakes is still part of the Thunderbolts forum at www.thunderbolts.info. There is a linke to a couple of papers such as one at www.space.com/searchforlife/090423-seti-earthquake-detection.htm by Friedemann Freund in which he outlines some of the difficulties. The problem is getting the electrons out of the deep crust as they need to hitch a ride. Occasionally the earth generates powerful electric currents and these produce electro-magnetic signals at very low frequencies. When they hit the surface they will beam straight up into the ionosphere and spread quickly around the globe making it hard to tell where they emerged from. As earthquake indicators they are difficult to pin down as they usually emerge, it is thought, at earthquake epicentres – or what is going to be the epicentre. The earthquake usually occurs within a few days of the low frequency electro-magnetic signals and therefore it is hoped they will serve, at some point in the future, as reliable earthquake indicators – a warning system. The problem is that to detect the indicators one has to be near the epi-centre in order to capture the signal- and Freund goes on to cite a paper published by Natural Hazards and Earth System Science which discusses earthquake indicators recorded from a station just a couple of km from the epicentre of a Californian earthquake (see www.nat-hazards-earth-syst-sci-net/9/585/2009/nhess-9-585-2009.html )

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