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Ancient Destructions

12 July 2010

The web site of Peter Jupp at http://ancientdestructions.blogspot.com has some interesting articles that members, I am sure, will be interested in reading. For example, ‘Bad to the Bones’ is based on Aboriginal mythology which appears to refer to gods associated in some sense with the sky, a once verdant landscape, and a catastrophe that brought it to an end (written by Rens van der Sluijs). Peter Jupp takes the Biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorrah and its destruction by God, using fore and brimstone, and claims to have found an Australian example of the same thing, near Lake Victoria, where the remains of 15,000 humans lie scattered. They were unearthed when the lake was partially drained to repair a lock on the nearby river, and archaeologists naturally thought they had stumbled on an Aboriginal burial ground. Jupp thinks otherwise – they were killed suddenly and catastrophically. Local Aboriginals, in the 19th century, associated the slaughter of their fellows with the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis). There was an element of traumatic memory of a period of time when the sky above them was filled with auroral activity and the Creator God departed. Hence, this might be interpreted as a ‘close passage’ event – sparking discharges. Jupp suggests it may have involved a mass coronal ejection by the sun or a mass discharge event between a comet or large meteor and the earth. He has a video for sale on the site presenting the scientific evidence for C14, magnetic reversals, and electro-geological machining, as he describes it. The SIS hope to be able to supply some of these videos directly to members, on request – but not for the moment (information to follow).

Another Jupp article of interest is ‘Wollamgandie Crater’ some 100km west of Sydney (in the Wollamgandie Wilderness area). According to local Aborigines, he claims, the region was carved out by their sky god, Baiame (before he stepped back into the ‘spirit world’). Jupp suggests it was an electrical discharge as a huge crater with a central cone exists there, and on the cone there is evidence of a another, much smaller, crater. A peculiar circumstance. There is also an article on Electric Fossils, which revolve around a huge petrified forest.

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