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Gravity and the Big Bang

12 July 2010

At www.physorg.com/print198135631.html July 12th … a paper in Physical Review Letters might cause a stir as it says the theory of gravity as proposed by Arthur Eddington may require a review. Eddington was on an island off the coast of West Africa where he witnessed a solar eclipse and noticed the Sun’s gravity bends starlight, an observation he thought which substantiated Einstein’s ‘general relativity’. Somewhat later, he appears to have had misgivings, and suggested it might mean something quite different. In this piece of research, two things were tested, Einstein’s gravity in vacuum conditions (with no matter) and the same test with matter added to the broth, producing a quite different effect. The revised theory has implications – for the very early universe, black holes, and space-time. Indeed, it might end up doing away with the Big Bang.

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