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The Younger Dryas event pops up again

21 July 2010

http://cosmictusk.com/guest-blog-rodney-chilton-author-of-sudden-cold-an-examination-of-the-younger-dryas-cold-reversal/ – this post is actually a reposte to NASAs David Morrison who wrote a piece in Skeptical Enquirer that criticised the Younger Dryas cometary connection. In this instance skeptic is being used as a supporter of the consensus and sceptic as in opposed to maverick ideas outside the conventional spin – quite different, shall we say, to sceptics in global warming (who are the mavericks prepared to look at things beyond the tunnel vision of C02). The ocean circulation system, or climate conveyor belt, rules the roost in the conventional model and this, it is thought, adequately explains the Younger Dryas cold event. However, what if the ocean circulation system played a secondary role – pushed into switching from a cooling mode to a warming mode by other factors – whatever they might be? This is a long point by point riposte and not worth reading unless you are conversant with the Firestone and West et al theory – and Bill Napier’s input. What is rather more interesting are the 19 comments at the end of the post, as we have Dennis Cox of the web site Crater Hunter, who says ‘the trouble as I see it is that all the earth sciences are trying to perceive and make sense (of the YD) … while wearing 150 year ole uniformitarian blinkers. They are like blind scholars studying an elephant they can’t even imagine. 

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