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Kamil Crater

25 July 2010

http://cosmictusk.com July 25th … reports on a National Geographic story about a fresh crater found in Egypt. The Kamil crater was initially identified during a survey of satellites images on Google Earth. It is thought the crater is no more than a few thousand years of age – 147 feet wide and 52 feet deep. It has been calculated that a 4 and a quarter feet wide iron meteor smashed into the desert – and survived almost intact (without burning up). What surprised investigators was that the bowl shaped crater had a prominent splatter pattern of bedrock that shot up into the air in the blast. These are known as ejecta rays – and are commonly seen on other planets and moons with thin atmospheres. Field workers also noticed that some of the bedrock ejecta overlay prehistoric structures in the area – what these were is not elaborated. This means it was definitely recent in date as human occupation of the region ended around 5000 years ago with the emergence of desert conditions.

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