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Dunes on Titan

29 July 2010

NASAs newsletter, at www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/ July 29th says the mystery of dune patterns on Titan might have been solved. Dune patterns flow in the opposite direction to the wind. Huge dunes sweep across vst sand seas at mid latitudes on Titan and the ridges generally run from E to W, in the opposite direction. It is thought the wind must in some way switch direction on occasions. A computer simulation found that during the equinoxes the Sun shines directly over the equator of Titan and creates an upwelling of the atmosphere – which causes the wind to reverse and accelerate. A similar things is thought to happen above the Indian Ocen on the earth, between monsoons.

Quantum fractals is discussed at www.physorg.com/print199593752.html in a paper on super conductivity. Theoretical results are addressed.

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