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Big Bang

13 August 2010

At www.dailygalaxy.com August 11th … Casey Kazan wonders why the prevailing Big Bang theory predicts all galaxies should be evenly distributed on the outer rims of the initial expanding explosive force, but aren’t. Galaxies move in the wrong directions, at different speeds, and collide into one another from every conceivable angle throught the Hubble Length Universe. Hundreds of millions of galaxies appear to clump together forming super clusters while great walls of galaxies are separated by apparently vast voids of empty space. For example, he cites the Coma Cluster at the centre of one of these walls which contains 10,000 galaxies. Likewise, dark matter and dark energy have been invented to explain why the universe did not spread out uniformly and at the same speed and in the same spoke like directions (he quotes as a source, Springel et al (2006), ‘The Large Scale Structure of the Universe’ in Nature 440).

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