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Nasca Lines … and water

30 August 2010

At www.andina.com.pe/Ingles/NoticialImprimir.aspx?id=313896 August 27th … we have a Peruvian account of American research that has previously appeared in book form. The theory was advanced that the Nasca Lines may have a connection with water. Basically, he is saying the geoglyphs may be a sort of map of underground water sources in a harsh and very dry environment – a desert. The pattern of straight lines is located in a small area 37 miles long and just one mile wide. While searching for sources of water he noticed the ancient aqueducts built to carry water ran close to some of the lines. A high percentage of water from the Andes foothills actually moves via underground filtration and the big question then is – did ancient people take advantage of this fact?

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