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The Etruscans, the Hittites, Luwians, and others

4 September 2010

Also on the New Chronology Yahoo Group forum in August has been a discussion of tawannas, a title used by Hittite queens, and the spread of that term by the Philistines and Etruscans – in late 9th century on the New Chronology framework. In that context the migration might well be visualised as primarily a migration of people from SE Anatolia (at the end of the LB Age) with minimal connections with the Aegean. There are a lot of emails on the subject with a diverse number of points of view – too many to repeat here. I noticed one of the correspondents was Arie Dirkswager who was writing articles for Marvin Luckerman’s Catastrophism and Ancient History many years ago (see the Catastrophism CD and author index). It seems, once afflicted always so when it comes to playing around with chronology as a hobby pursuit. Lots of material well worth reading.

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