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The Fiery Pool – the sea, or the sky?

11 September 2010

At http://heritage-key.com/blogs/ann/fiery-pool-maya-mythic-sea-and-turtle/ … the Maya had a complex religion, meaning not properly understood by scholars, and a pictorial writing system composed of more than 800 glyphs (see http://heritage-key.com/world/maya-writing/ ) and it is thought 90 per cent of these have now been translated (see www.ancientscripts.com/maya.html ) and glypth for sea has in particular been  identified. It has the meaning of ‘fiery pool’ – and on this floated a cosmic turtle = the Maya stage for mythic events. The web site has a raft of images of artifacts displayed at an exhibition at Fort Worth – some of these are creatures of the mythic sea (fish, frogs, birds, mythical beasts). However, the realms of earth, sea, sky and cosmos were all seen as one whole – flowing into and out of each other. Might the fiery pool be in the sky – a sky enlivened by auroral activity?

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