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Records in Stone

20 September 2010

At www.cambridge.org/9780521531306 … is an abstract of a book edited by Clive Ruggles, Records in Stone: Papers in Memory of Alexander Thom. As well as a chapter by Ruggles which is critical of Thom’s choice of markers and notches in the horizon the other authors are impressive as they include Anthony Aveni, Ed Krupp, Archie Thom, Aubrey Burl, Hans Motz, Chris Jennings and one of the SIS founders, Euan MacKie, ‘Investigating the Prehistoric Solar Calendar’

At www.soue.org.uk/souenews/issue8/thom.html we have a short piece on the Alexander Thom controversy which is apparently being revived by an ex-Cambridge civil engineer, Edmund Sixsmith. Look out for his name but unfortunately he is not being published in archaeological journals. Thom has been erased from the archaeological group think. His work is not liked by the establishment and unwise for students to admit to reading. Basically, when it gets down to reasons it seems this is largely because archaeologists are not able to cope with his mathematics (see Robin Heath, Alexander Thom: Cracking the Stone Age Code

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