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Oscillating Sea Levels

12 October 2010

At www.abc.net.au/quantum/stories/s112352.htm is a report going back to March 2000 on the study of fossil tube worm holes that have been C14 dated (in Australia) and they show that, for example, around 2000BC, sea levels were some 2m higher than modern ones. Indeed, sea levels appear to have risen and fallen on a number of occasions in the last 6000 years. Similar evidence to support the research came from South Africa, Brazil, South Carolina, and New Caledonia. The authors, Dr Robert Baker, Professor Peter Flood, and Dr Bob Haworth say the evidence contradicts the common view that sea levels have been stable since around 6000BC (a major event in sea level change) and they went on to write a paper published in 2005 that attracted some interest from archaeologists but little from the climate science doomsayers. The evidence seems to suggest sea levels can go up by a metre in a fairly rapid manner – for example, during the Roman era.

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