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Keeping Neandertals brutish

21 October 2010

At http://news.sciencemag.org/sciencenews/2010/10/a-setback-for-neanderthal-smarts.html … it seems that archaeologists have new decided the major site at Aray-sur-Cure in central France, the so called reindeer cave, is so jumbled up – Neanderthal remains and artefacts mixed with those of Homo sapiens, the site should be disqualified from the debate over Neanderthal mental attributes and symbolism. The problem has been caused by new radio carbon dating at the site. However, one researcher claims the new study proves the exact opposite of what the detractors say – but will find it extremely difficult to convince others. On the face of it the new announcement makes sense but it is also rather provident to the old guard that resist the idea the Neanderthals were anything but brutish and dim witted.

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