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The Quelccaya Glacier

4 January 2011
Climate change

At http://chiefio.wordpress.com/ January 3rd … we learn that freezing weather is also affecting the tropics – in this instance, the high mountain zones of the tropics. Ecuador is both tropical but also the Andes heights harbour glaciers – most noteably the famous Quelccaya glacier that environmentalists have been so fond of telling us over the last 20 years or so, is receding. In other words, it has been melting. It has melted to such a degree that plants that were buried under ice thousands of years ago have been found, relatively intact. Now, it seems the reverse situation is happening – the freeze-line is now dropping down the mountains and it is getting colder at the summit. We can expect a similar situation in tropical Africa – on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya. You have been warned – global warming is rapidly diminishing and the cooling cycle is bringing back temperatures we enjoyed just 30 years or so ago.

At www.solarchords.com … we have an interesting site on gravity and the planets, an idea developed from barycentric astronomy. Frederick Bailey claims it is the barycentric nature of the solar system that controls climate on earth, an idea with distinct similarities to those of Rhodes Fairbridge (predicted many years ago). Bailey has written a book and developed a model of his theory that he thinks is capable of forecasting future warming and cooling cycles, both globally and regionally. The problem with all these one theory explains all, and the major drawback of C02 causes global warming is somewhat similar in being extraordinarily narrow also, is that other factors are simply ignored. We can all think of anomalies that such ideas as where the barycentre of the solar system may be at any given time might be do not fully explain – and cannot ever explain.   

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