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NASA puzzled by Sun activity

5 January 2011

There is a lovely post at WattsUpWithThat today that I will write up tomorrow and add to this post – but looking at www.suite101.com/content/vast-solar-eruption-shocks-nasa-and-raises-doubts-on-sun-theory-a327330 John O'Sullivan claims NASA is puzzled by activity on the Sun during the summer of last year, 2010. It seems we have another theory on how the Sun might work and how it might impact on climate here on earth. Ex-NASA employee, Professor Oliver Manuel, a well known commenter on sceptic blogs, claims the Sun has an iron core powered by neutron repulsion (see also 'Superfluidity in the Solar Interior: Implications for Solar Eruptions and Climate' in Journal of Fusion Energy 21 (2002) pages 193-8.


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