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Ancient Florida – land where there should have been sea according to the uniformitarian model

23 January 2011

At www.news-press.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID-2011110117060 'Ancient plant matter found beneath Pine Island changes Florida history' is about some recently discovered ancient plant remains beneath Pine Island, actually a bed of rock where a sample was taken to a laboratory and it was found to contain pollen and spores dating as long ago as the Eocene (some 35 million years ago). Geologists have thought Florida was at that time submerged as elsewhere in Florida there is a fossil coral reef belonging to the same era. The new discovery puts that view under doubt as the pollen and spores come from 17 different plants. The research was published in the journal Palynology (December 2010) and the same story appears at National Geographic (see http://scienceblogs.com/channel/life-science/ and scroll down the list of articles to January 18th and click the second posting). It begins by noting that sometimes interesting scientific information crops up in unexpected situations, in this instance the local water supplier was drilling into the rock substrata of Pine Island in Florida. The pollen of mallow, willow, and gentians was found 760m below the surface, species that require pollinating insects so it could not have spread by air but the plants themselves must have been growing nearby. Oh well, the Eocene lasted a few million years – plenty of time to reset the boundaries.

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