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Origins of the Sun

23 January 2011

Oliver Manuel has a paper, The Sun's Origin at www.omatumr.com/abstracts2008/The_Suns_Origin.pdf which can be downloaded or read online. He visualises the Sun as a giant plasma 'diffuser' that sorts out elements and isotopes by their weight. Hence, lighter things such as hydrogen and helium are at the surface of the Sun but the interior is made up of things that can be found in meteorites, the earth, and on rocky planets in general. The solar wind contains 22 different types of atoms that are also sorted by weight.

Note … the link above does not seem to be working so go to www.omatumr.com the web site of Oliver Manuel and on the left hand side you will find a page link to a list of articles. Scroll down. He has published lots of them since the 1970s and they will interest many members as they involve plasma, the Sun, and various calculations and theories he has developed. Described as a bit whacky by some on the blogosphere, Manuel may be all a matter of taste. You can decide.

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