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Elenin Update

22 February 2011

Various strange web sites have picked up on Comet Elenin and the faact that initially, its trajectory was at around 8 astronomical units (au) from the orbit of the earth but this figure has since been revised to  0.15 au with the prospect earth will pass through its debris trail in November. The story also appears at www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4132&start=0 Feb 21st, and provides a number of web sites to view further information. However, at the moment a considerable amount of speculation is involved – and for good reason. Thunderbolts themselves are very interested in the comet because of the Electric Comet theory – and if it comes close to earth we may be about to find out if there is any substance in it. If the earth's magnetosphere or atmosphere comes into contact with a negatively charged comet tail who knows what might happen.

In addition, we also have this year another comet, Comet Scheila (both Elenin and Scheila are on Wikipedia if anyone wants to look further).

Also at www.thunderbolts.info Feb 17th there is a piece by Rens van der Sluijs, Bad to the Bones – which appears to be a play on the title and subject matter of one of Peter Jupp's videos. Likewise, it is about Aboriginal stories of the past – and how they came to terms with fossil bones they came across, including extinct megafauna such as the Giant Wombat. Rens suggests intense geomagnetic disturbances and lethal doses of radiation were involved – possibly in association with a comet. Now we what could happen – all we need to know is what might happen. 

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