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Moon Madness

15 March 2011

The March 19th Full Moon is being mooted as potentially dangerous as the Moon is slight closer on average than it normal orbit – and this might cause further earthquake activity as a result of tidal forcing (see the story at www.dailygalaxy.com March 14th). A NASA spokesman poured cold water on the idea as the Moon only appears be larger and closer and there is really no difference in size or proximity. Lunar tides occur every day, a fact that other scientists have publicly stated as if they are alarmed by the latest bit of doomsaying. We have AGW scare stories on a daily basis – but that is apparently okay. However, somebody drops a scare about the Moon in the wake of a huge EQ and tsunami and they are out of their seats, bleating furiously. Piers Corbyn, at www.weatheraction.com who uses luni-solar data to forecast the weather – and climatic upsets. Disasters in fact. He is on record as suggesting an eclipse on January 4th was responsible for the Queensland flooding and has said on occasion that earthquakes can be provoked by coronal mass ejections, or X-flares. He adds, this is not certain as there is a certain amount of conflicting evidence but when asked about the supermoon on March 19th he said the Full Moon on that date was probably insignificant, but … what is significant is that in the present period, of about a year, the range of tidal forcing is high. A commenter added, the Sun has been associated with earlier earthquakes over the years. Magnetic storms and anomalies in the geomagnetic field and earthquakes are discussed at www.springerlink.com/content/9x257kw77v35w1n1/, a paper on the Chinese earthquake a few years ago.

You can see Piers Corbyn on video talking about earthquakes at http://bit.ly/g00v7x  or http://bit.ly/g1rlCJ and he is predicting that between 23rd and 27th March there will be a further major earthquake.

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