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Disappearing the contrarians

19 March 2011
Climate change

Although this story was flying around the blogosphere a few weeks ago it never reached much of a drama – and it is still quite low key. However, the day may well be coming when Google loses its golden shine and that aura of all things bright and wonderful. The story is at http://solveclimatenews.com/news/20110318/google-climate-change-fellows-… and at http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/03/18/friday-funny-google-to-take-on-cli… (this may not link and if so go to web site and scroll down to March 18th where you will find the piece under friday funny, a weekly accolade to the most bizarre story seen) and http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/03/19/an-open-letter-to-google/ from Willis Eschenbach. The comments to all three are equally as interesting as the actual story itself. The punch line seems to be that Google is faced by a paradox and it is not what first meets the eye. Money is at the heart of the debate – those supporting AGW want to look after their assets, invested in all things green. Computer manufacturers, software developers and corporates, and search engine entrepreneurs have accrued a mountain of bucks and for some peculiar reason were swayed by the nonsense science of AGW to invest that wealth in renewables, carbon trading, the Amazon rainforest etc. Now they have a dilemma – a particular dilemma as they are secularists. While the hard-core AGW activists are staunchly anti-corporate and probably find it all quite funny those perched on the sidelines, the AGW bigwigs with reputations and bank balances at stake, are getting worried. They feel they have not got the AGW message across – and insist they must try harder. The dilemma particular to Google is they have the power to put sceptic articles on the backburner and the ability to fast track anything supportive of AGW – including propaganda. Which way will they jump? Or, more prosaicly, which way have they jumped – can anyone tell? Are their assets more important to them and are they prepared to sacrifice 'free speech' on climate change and thus upset a significant proportion of their subscribers. The sceptics are growing in numbers by the week – aided and abetted by Mother Nature. Will they shrug their shoulders and avoid the impulse to protect their assets as what is easy come is easy go so to speak and there is plenty more waiting to  be picked up in any case. An interesting dilemma. 

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