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7 April 2011
Climate change

Piers Corbyn, on April 5th, said that during the period April 6-9th there was a threat of a major earthquake – and this duly happened, in Mexico. This follows earlier predictions of earthquake activity that came to pass in Japan, Thailand and New Zealand. People are beginning to sit up and notice – especially when he suggests western North America is vulnerable. Corbyn's methodology involves luni-solar cycles, or astrology as AGW alarmists decried after he successfully predicted the blizzards of 2009. Seems there are a lot of charlatans out there. Over at www.technologyreview.com/blog/arxiv/25016/ 'Could a Comet Tail have Scarred the Earth in the Recent Past' which is an evaluation of the theory of a couple of other charlatans, Zysman and Wallace (and well known to SIS), and their theory on the formation of eskers and drumlins. Geologists say they are formed by glaciation or left behind when ice sheets retreat – the exact process is open to debate. Zysman and Wallace claim they are structures that do not appear to be happening today – but one commenter claims otherwise. It is possible they were formed during rapid melt events – but you would have to think in terms of something like Pole shift to accommodate such an idea. Zysman and Wallace claim eskers and drumlins are the result of debris resulting from the passage of the earth through the tail of a comet – and it might be worth remembering that in the Clube and Napier hypothesis and model that could have happened at some stage over the last 70,000 years or so. The reference article is at arxiv.org/abs/1004.0416 'Tails of a Recent Comet: the role cometary jets play in crustal formation eskers/ drumlin swarms' and may be the same article published by SIS some years ago. The commenters are predictable in so far as they cannot get their heads around anything out of the ordinary – off the hip rather than measured. 

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