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Minoans in Canaan

11 April 2011
Ancient history

At http://popular-archaeology.com/issue/april-2011/article/archaeologists-u… – this is a subject that reads like something right out of Ages in Chaos, and various SIS articles on similarities between Late Bronze Canaanite culture, literature, and language, and the Aegean world. Excavations at a huge Middle Bronze Age Canaanite palace complex near ancient Acco, at Tell Kabri, has been found to have origins as far back as Middle Bronze I. However, the Minoan presence shows up some 200 years later, during the Middle Bronze II period (1700-1550BC). The presence of Minoan wall frescoes in Canaan parallels those known from Tell el-Dab'a in Egypt, and at Qatna and Alalakh in Syria. It seems the Acco region was bound up in the eastern Mediterranean trade routes between the Levant and the Aegean, and Egypt etc.  

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