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New York tsunami event 300BC

30 April 2011

Katherine Cagen (Harvard) and Dallas Abbot (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, New York) 'Evidence for a tsunami generated by an impact event in the New York metropolitan area approximately 2300 years ago' (2009) can be downloaded as a pdf file from http://cosmictusk.com and consists of roughly 20 pages, mainly of pictures of sampling from sediments. The abstract, one page, says that it is proposed an oceanic impact event caused a tsunami wave to rip through what is now New York, around 300BC. Impact injecta has been found in the tsunami deposit along and beneath the Hudson river. Abbot has been pushing this idea for some years now and it has previously been reported on In the News. In this instance we have a paper to substantiate the hypopthesis and it is available for anyone to read.

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