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Jet Stream … pictures of a sky serpent?

9 May 2011

At www.gks.uk.com/Apophis-Apep-Serpent/ there are some new images. Scroll down to near the bottom and you will see photographs of the Jet Stream overhead from a variety of locations. As such, these were pictures taken in modern situations but what might the jet stream have looked like in enhanced atmospheric conditions. For example, one picture shows an ash cloud from a volcano drifing into the jet stream and darkening it. What might happen during a catastrophic episode?

The sky serpent of myth is very often associated with trees – and more specifically, a world tree. Various explanations of the tree motif have been put forward, by Moe Mandelkehr for instance in his book, The 2300BC Event, Outskirts Press, Denver:2006, but on this web site the idea is floated that images of trees in Egyptian art resemble the vortex swirls at the edge of jet streams. Interesting observation. In addition, the jet streams don't lie idle or adher to a single track as they can rise and fall in altitude and latitude. For example, the writhing nature of a jet stream was responsible for the cold November and December (2010) in the UK and the very warm spring, March and April 2011. It is dynamic.

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