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26 May 2011
Climate change

The Los Angeles Times in 1979 quoted two scientists ( a professor of engineering and a research scientist in geochemistry) that had taken an interest in past, present, and future climate trends. They predicted, in one of those eerie prophecies, that 1980-2000 would be much warmer than 1950-1980 – but this would be followed by cooling. This is exactly what has happened – so far. They used past proxy climate data, such as ice cores and tree rings, to reach their conclusion. This is just like alarmist AGW climate scientists that claim to use similar data. Why is one result proving more reliable than the other? (see http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2011/05/26/1979-before-the-hockey-tea… )/

At http://notrickszone.com on May 26th … Pierre Gosselin looks at a previous environmentalist scare story in Europe – acid rain. Can you remember this particularly nasty tale that was rampant in the time of Margaret Thatcher and was used as a lever to shut down the coal mines? Thirty years ago we were being warned forests would die as a result of acid rain – mainly in Scandinavia (but in this post it concerns Germany). It never happened. Gosselin compares the hysteria in 1980 to the AGW alarmism of recent years. Of 54 newspapers who used the scam to sell copy only 4 of them had the decency to report the good news when in 1993 scientists b ecame aware the trees in question go through cycles of losing needles and greening again. The mass media are not interested in truth or real science but in environmental nonsense stories – based on supposition. If AGW is proved a scam, a pseudo-science born of belief rather than fact don't expect the media to tell you so. They will have moved on to the next environmentalist nonsense story. Its time we killed the environmentalist golden egg from the taxpayer goose. 

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