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Drowned in India

27 May 2011

At www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report_a-civilisation-as-old-as-indus-valley_154… … is a rather garbled report of the discovery of what looks like a wall that is submerged off the coast of India. It has been calculated, via sea level change, to date as old as 6000BC – is the claim. It implies this was the last point in which global sea levels rose dramatically. However, the author speaks as if it is contemporary with the Indus Valley civilisation (which flourished after 3000BC). As the all is 3m below current sea level it could of course have been submerged by tectonic activity – virtually at any moment in time. It may also date back to somewhat earlier than 3000BC as there is also evidence of global sea level adjustment at this time – but this was more pronounced in 6000BC. It reads like the author of the piece has swallowed a copy of Graham Hancock's Underworld – but that might make it all the more intriguing.

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