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The outer reaches of the solar system

11 June 2011

At www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2011/06/heading-into-the-cosmos-voyager-yi… … NASAs two Voyager spacecraft are nearing the edge of the solar system, and surprise, the models scientists had developed of the solar sheaf do not appear to be quite right. Voyager is beaming back information that is being analysed – and modelled. From this it has been deduced that the spacecraft have entered a strange foamy zone of large cosmic bubbles, some of them – 100 million miles across. The Sun's magnetic field stretches all the way to the edge and it has been adduced that as a result of spin the magnetic field wrinkles and becomes twisted – forming what they describe as bubbles. Lines of magnetic force criss-cross and reorganise themselves into foamy magnetic bubbles. However, the bubbles appear to be self contained and disconnected from the actual solar magnetic filed. It seems the magnetic bubbles may be a defence system against cosmic rays, it is being conjectured – but a strange defence system as it is porous, cosmic rays able to pass through the gaps between the bubbles. Once again, how much of this is reality or computer driven?

At the same site, June 10th, there are a couple of images of the Chile volcano that erupted a few days ago. Impressive.  

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