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13 June 2011

More information on the upcoming Electric Universe conference on July 6-9th in Maryland, the US of A. On the evening of the 7th it is now proposed to a have a two hour plus event, 'An evening with the Electric Universe' in association with the Natural Philosophy Alliance and an additional theme has been added to the conference, 'The Meeting of Art and Science' which is interesting as we learned at the South Banks EU event a couple of years ago that artists in the UK are also interested in the images that can be generated from plasma in space – see Paul Malone's web site at www.a2arts.co.uk/malone/ where he has a collection under the title, Electrical Universe – as well as many other themes.

While on the subject of EU conferences it is worth mentioning that the DVD of the 2010 SIS Electric universe meeting at the Harlequin Theatre in Redhill is now available to purchase – see the book store on this web site.

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