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A trillion bolts of lightning

25 June 2011

Yes, a trillion bolts of lightning are being emitted from what is said to be an enormous black hole in a distant galaxy (see www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2011/06/universes-highest-electric-current… ). Philipp Kraberg of the University of Toronto and some colleages say they have measured the alignment of radio waves around Galaxy 3C303 where a giant jet is shooting out of the centre. A sudden change in the alignment of waves coinciding with the jet was 'an unambigous signature of an electric current' he said. However, they assume a black hole is involved and a magnetic field associated with the energy sucked into the black hole was generating the current. This is really a very short post – more like a news entry or small update (the electric connection coming after the report of the jet earlier in the week). No more information is added. However, a mainstream scientist at a major university has it seems placed electricity firmly in space. What next?

Go to www.holoscience.com/news.php?article=2miv5m3b where Wal says it all so much better. A comment by someone with the pseudonym of Orkney Lad is worth repeating – the lack of debate concerning electricity in space demonstrates the power of institutionalised science in order to maintain 'inertia' in sticking to 'erroneous theories'. We have given scientists that power by suspending our common sense (or words to that effect). Where else might this comment apply – climate science. There is a stream of papers and a barrage of constant propaganda that seek to convert the level headed by the use of sometimes quite obviously outlandish claims, or wild incessant repeating of mantras that have been debunked on endless occasions but ignored by the faithful – and a mainstream media in fear of criticising the 'big brain' community. 

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