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The Consensus

17 July 2011
Climate change

At http://judithcurry.com/2011/07/16/manufacturing-consensus/ there is a post with hundreds of comments on the AGW consensus. Judith Curry is a published climate scientist whose aim is to open a dialogue with sceptics, in an attempt to bridge the gulf. It seems one of Peter Warlow's villains was responsible. Worth reading.

Meanwhile, and intriguingly, over at Piers Corbyn's web site at www.weatheraction.com/displayarticle.asp?a=359&c=5 he is saying that politicians are demanding accountability from journalists but there should also be accountability by science, policies, and politicians (a reference to the AGW alarm). The Guardian and Independent are all for accountability at News International but not so in the treatment of AGW and extreme weather events. The BBC news said the drought in the Horn of Africa was the worst in the region for 60 years. This is the 60 climate cycle of 30 warm and 30 cool years, a repeat cycle (involving jet stream sticking) of weather patterns in Africa and other parts of the world – it is not something new or unnatural. He then says, this is a 'direct provable consequence of solar-lunar modulation' – and past cycles as well as other factors are part of his weather forecasting products.

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