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Earth’s internal heat

19 July 2011

At http://geology.com/press-release/earths-internal-heat/ there is a nice three page read on current views regarding the source of earth's internal heat – using temperature measurements from 20,000 boreholes around the world in order to estimate that some 44 trillion watts of heat continually flow out of earth's interior into space. Where does it come from? Half of it comes from radioactive decay, it claims – but what about the other half?

Meanwhile, Piers Corbyn at www.weatheraction.com/displayarticle.asp?a=360&c=5 is claiming his earthquake and volcanism trial prediction is heads-up once again as he forecast heightened activity between July 13-18th. In that time we had an earthquake south of the Isle of Wight, earthquakes in Chile and Alaska, and New Zealand, and volcanic activity on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. They occurred, he assures us, as a result of burst of very rapid solar wind that peaked on July 12th and 13th while a coronal hole became earth facting around July 18th (coinciding with volcanic activity). What he isn not saying is were there earthquakes in those periods outside his prediction zone, examples that he has not predicted.

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