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Tsunami in 1014AD – struck Britain and Caribbean

9 August 2011

At http://cosmictusk.com/layer-after-layer-dallas-abbott-finds-cosmic-tsuna… … not just in 1014AD but on a number of occasions in the first millennium BC and beyond. Dallas Abbott's co-authors included Simon Haslett of the University of Wales. We did at one time try and get him to speak to us but at the time he was unavailable but was willing to speak at a future date. The paper itself can be downloaded from Cosmic Tusk (above) in pdf format, saved and printed out (24 pages including notes). It is the 1014AD event on which Haslett appears to have co-operated with Abbott et al as we learn that the 'Anglo Saxon Chronicle' in that year recorded a tsunami with extensive loss of life. Now, Mike Baillie (Queens University) at his last speaker meeting to SIS members (at Redhill) a few years ago mentioned a spike in tree rings for 1014AD that he suggested had a cosmic origin. In fact, the same subject was brought up in his book, New Light on the Black Death: The Cosmic Connection, Tempus:2006. Abbott and Haslett have gone further and project the occurrence of an impact in the north Atlantic that sent a tsunami in one direction towards  Britain and in the other direction towards the Caribbean (claiming there is evidence on the ground in both regions of this happening).

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