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More cold water poured on AGW science

16 August 2011
Climate change

This time it emanates from a paper by Lindzen and Choi – see http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/08/16/new-paper-from-lindzen-and-choi-im… and claims c02 influences global temperature on a much lower scale than consensus climate science allow. In fact, their conclusion is that current modelling exaggerates climate sensitivity – some of the models, greatly so. The full paper can also be accessed at Lindzen's personal web space at http://www-eaps.mit.edu/faculty/lindzen/236-Lindzen-Choi-2011.pdf

Meanwhile, at www.thegwpf.org, the newsletter of August 17th (sent by Benny Peiser) has another heavyweight bouncing AGW alarmism back on its rocker. The physicist William Happer takes issue in 'The Truth about Greenhouse Gases' which is basically a critique of the hype surrounding c02 emissions – go to www.thegwpf.org/images/stories/gwpf-reports/happer-the_truth_about_green…

However, AGW alarmism is alive and kicking its way out of a hole – and can't it seems be buried as quickly as the public might like – see http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/08/16/david-suzuki-insults-but-wont-debate/. David Suzuki is a Canadian environmentalist and a bit of a TV glamour boy – and is still the darling of a noisy minority. He has attracted huge sums of money from government (the Canadian tax payer) and various green organisations yet has the temerity to criticise the research funding of a mere mortal of a scientist, Willie Soon. David Legates, a well known climate scientist (but not one of The Team) chides Suzuki for his double standards in this short obtuse piece – but what was it that upset Suzuki? In a paper published a few years ago Soon and Baluinas showed the role of the Sun in global warming during the 1980s and 1990s was much greater than consensus climate scientists allowed. This meant the role of c02 was greatly exaggerated – which is exactly what the two more recent authors (above) are now saying. 

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