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Youthful Moon – or not so youthful

17 August 2011

A paper in Nature August 17th – see www.physorg.com/print232805174.html – is suggesting the Moon is somewhat younger than previously alleged, created by a giant impact between two bodies one of which was proto-earth. The Moon then formed from melted material ejected into space. It is further alleged that analysis of lunar rocks, or sample so far retrieved, can only be dated as far back as 4.36 billion years ago. This may sound quite old but apparently it is younger than earlier estimates of the Moon's age – which were 4.5 billion years ago. These numbers, in reality, are probably quite meaningless but scientists say they are significant.

Meanwhile, NASA is peeved with the constant nonsense concerning the imminent arrival of Comet Elenin and has issued a list of denials it is hoped will defuse the hype – see www.physorg.com/print232779848.html. 

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