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Super sized lions roamed Britain in days of yore

1 September 2011

This story is at www.physorg.com/print157735263.html – giant cats roamed Europe and North America as recently as the warm period between the end of the Ice Age and the onset of the Younger Dryas 12,900 years ago. These cats were similar to modern lions – but much bigger. They are depicted on cave art in Europe living in prides. The distribution can be explained by Ice Age geography, it is claimed, specifically the existence of Beringia, the drowned landscape between Siberia and Alaska. Modern lions live on the African savannah and prey on herbivores. The research says the Pleistocene lions differed – they were adapted to an icy tundra environment along with the mammoth, rhinoceros and various herbivores they preyed upon. How such a rich fauna could survive in an icy tundra is difficult to believe – and suggests the steppe zone was akin to the modern savannah in some respects. It seems to have existed as a specific flora from Iberia to Siberia. Did it also extend as far north as Alaska and NE Siberia (and the landscape between)? Predictably, the lions became extinct at the same time as the large herbivores – but humans, it is alleged, were involved.  

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