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How is AGW shaping up in September going on for October?

30 September 2011
Climate change

Well, the media are taking full advantage of current mini heat-wave conditions in the UK – all four days of it. They are implying that records are going to be broken – and as we enter day one of October they have been smashed. Meanwhile, over at Weather Action Piers Corbyn is saying a solar storm will bring lots of rain – which may spoil some of the media excitement. This is now happening – in the northern half of the UK. Piers Corbyn is also forecasting further storms and heavy rain later on in October. In the meantime, a commenter at Anthony Watts blog has suggested we might get a mild winter here in the UK – on the basis there is an active Sun. 

At http://research.ua.edu/2011/07/caving-for-climate/ geologists from the University of Alabama have been ferretting around a cave on a South Pacific island and say they have a climate record of El Nino/La Nina fluctuations going back 10,000 years – from stalagmites.

At http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/09/29/warming-island-greenland-sea-regio… is a guest post by geologist David Middleton and he has data that he says shows that current reductions in sea ice to the west of Greenland and around Ellesmere Island is not unusual and in fact occurred in the first half of the 20th century – on the same scale or more dramatically. It is nothing new he assures Anthony's readers, it has happened on multiple occasions in the past. He is challenged in the comments but is able, or so it would seem, to parry them in an agreeable manner – without the usual histrionics.

Also, at http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/03/24/the-earths-biosphere-is-booming-da… is a piece about benefits to earth and its occupants from higher co2 levels, a factor completely ignored by the media. Higher levels of co2 are always catastrophic and never beneficial. In this instance, it is Chinese scientists on the ball. They had separate papers published in the Journal of Geographical Sciences and World Climate Report but has anyone seen a report in the media on the blessings of co2? They have pointed out that co2 is not wholly the bogeyman it is presented by the whacky side of journalism. Whilst CAGW is really all about money, the primary function of all the hoo-ha, and to a lesser degree, politics, the beneficial effects of co2 would no doubt come as a bit of a surprise to schoolchildren indoctrinated by global warming propaganda – but will they ever get the chance to learn about it? Good stuff. There is also an update on the subject at the same site this week (or last week now).

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