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Timo Niroma

14 November 2011

The catastrophist blog of Timo Niroma of Helsinki may have reached its conclusion. News is that he has recently died of cancer – so who might continue the good work in Finland? Timo is a former member of SIS and provided links from his web site to various articles in our journals. He was big on Clube and Napier at one time but more recently had turned to sun spots and 'coronal mass ejections' – see for instance http://personal.inet.fi/tiede/tilmari/sunspots.html which was expanded to page 7 by number. What happens to somebody's web site when they die – does it die as well? In time, yes, it does. However, anyone still interested in the idea of solar cycles, especially those of 180 years (possibly 200 years on average) will do well to visit his web site before all that information disappears from cyberspace.

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