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Some science at the edge

30 November 2011

According to a paper in Astrophysics and Space Science by Dragan Hajdukovik contemporary physics has two cornerstones, namely General Relativity and the Standard Model of Particle Physics. General Relativity is our best theory of gravitation. The Standard Model is a collation of Quantum Field theories and claims that everthing in the universe is made from six quarks and six leptons (and their anti-articles) which interact through exchange of gauge bosuns . However, he says these two theories do not fit with certain observations …. go to www.physorg.com/print241707260.html.

Meanwhile, biology's Big Bang is the subject of a paper in Science November 25th – see www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/336480/title/Biology-big-bang-had-a-… and is all about the missing fossil record prior to the Cambrian 'explosion' of life. Life originated, it is said, 800 million years ago before diverging down different pathways. Fossil life forms from 200 million years ago, the so called Cambrian Big Bang, appear suddenly in the geological record – but where is the earlier evolutionary fossils leading up to the Cambrian? It is missing. Why?

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