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A new tomb from Thebes

22 January 2012

At http://aegyptologie.unibas.ch/forschung/projekte/university-of-basel-kin… news of the discovery of an 18th dynasty tomb not far from KV40. The entrance was blocked up but at a later stage came into re-use – and blocked up again. This is what is thought happened, at the present time, as large stones in front and over the entrance belong to the secondary occupation. It seems the dynasty 18 burial was infilled with debris so as to accomodate a secondary burial. This consists of a black wooden coffin dated to dynasty 22. It is one of very few dynasty 22 burials found at Thebes and belongs to a lady, a chantress of Amun, Nehemes-Bastet. Her father was a priest in Karnak. Work will proceed to shift the debris covering the dynasty 18 burial which is thought to lie beyond. The point here is that those revisionists that would place dynasty 18 and 22 contemporary with each other, or nearly so, have a problem – why would the two burials be separated in time (assuming a dynasty 18 burial does exist). If no such burial is found, however, it is open to reinterpretation, and we can expect no shortage of explanations. I suspect a dynasty 18 burial will be found which would contradict many of the attempts to revise the chronology of the ancient world. It will be less harmful to revisions such as those of James (Centuries of Darkness), Newgrosh (Chronology at the Crossroads) or Rohl (A Test of Time). 

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