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Rotation of the Earth

22 January 2012

At www.physorg.com/print246274195.html there is a report on research in Japan and a paper in Physical Review Letters on problems associated with rotation of the Earth, namely there is not a perfect rate of spin. This led to the view that because different kinds of material make up the core, mantle and the crust this created different rates of spin that causes inherent friction. In other words, the planet wobbles. Why does it wobble? Insome way the mantle responds to the magnetic tug of the core.

Unfortunately, the mantle is made mainly of rock, it is thought, and not metal. Therefore it is not supposed to be conductive – but it seems to be. The Japanese researchers propose that one of the components of the mantle, Wustite (FeO) becomes conductive when exposed to shock waves, and to excess heat. An experiment proved that the material became conductive after heating to the kind of temperatures thought to exist inside the Earth – and does so without changing its structure. It seems another barrier to an Electric Universe might have been breached.

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