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You can’t keep a good scam down – or out

21 March 2012
Inside science

At www.physorg.com/print250746994.html … the Nobel scientist who warned the world of thinning ozone in the atmosphere has died – and suddenly all the hype has resurfaced, namely that human use of chloroflourocarbons was causing the ozone hole. It's amazing how many times something can be debunked and yet it will regurgitate endlessly – something that happens all the time with CAGW. Shoot something down in flames and turn your back – and they are up and at it. In the late 20th century the Sun was very active. It is the solar wind that redistributes the ozone at the Poles that gives the impression of a hole. Meanwhile, with an eye for a deal and taking advantage of the geeks on the other side of the world the Chinese effectively set up factories just to produce CFCs so they could be paid by the West to destroy them – you couldn't make it up. Well, you could – but that's another story.

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